HOME/RUN was inspired by love: a love for cities, a love for adventure, and the love of two people from two different countries. Shortly after getting married (the first time), Corinne and Stuart embarked on the next great adventure: where do we live? It was also inspired by the question, "What is home when you love to run?"


HOME/RUN is the story of eight states, twenty two addresses, two countries, and two people. Mmm…make that twenty three addresses. It’s about England and New England, New Jersey/Orleans/York, New Hampshire and Hertfordshire, London and Providence. It’s about belonging and not belonging. It might even be about belongings.


The piece combines storytelling, poetry, comedy, music, and sound to build a new work of theatre. And HOME/RUN is not just one story. The show features stories about home from Berlin, London, New York, and more.


The show premiered at the 2015 FringePVD, performing that the Mathewson Street Black Box Theatre. In April 2016, the production was brought to AS220's Black Box Theater in Providence, Rhode Island.


Today, the HOME/RUN Art Project continues to collect definitions and stories about home. Corinne and Stuart encourage everyone to send submissions via the website, by email at or simply add #homerunartproject and/or #homeis on Instagram, Twitter, or Facebook!


The Conversation 2.0 has since launched an EP of music devised for the original production.


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stories about finding and defining 'home'

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